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Overview of the Society’s Background, Aims, Objectives and Achievements

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A Few Facts about SCAF

SCAF was formed in September 1984 following recognition of the need for a forum where those with interests and experience in cost analysis and forecasting could meet to discuss problems and techniques.

SCAF was the initiative of the UK members of the International Society of Parametric Analysis (ISPA) with the support of specialist cost groups of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).

"SCAF in association with industry partners has achieved significant improvement in the fields of parametric analysis and cost forecasting.  Our seminars have delivered varied valuable contributions to the development of forecasting techniques in the areas of bid assessment, through life costing, benefit analysis and reduction in expenditure of economic and financial appraisals".  This has led to more rigorous and credible cost analysis supporting through life capability management of major defence programmes.

SCAF has tended towards defence orientated industries, however, it is the intention to welcome and cover a broad a field as possible.


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Aims of the Society

The objectives of SCAF (Society for Cost Analysis and Forecasting) are to promote the best interests of its members and to improve and disseminate knowledge of cost analysis and forecasting methods.

SCAF has no political affiliations or commercial bias but encourages sponsorship by organisations with declared mutual interests.



SCAF Membership is mainly from the UK, but there are members in the US.

SCAF Membership numbers are currently around 300, drawn from the MoD, Consultancy organisations, academia and many sectors of the Defence Industry.

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