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Workshop Presentations and Papers
June 2019 Workshop - Where has all the cost data gone: Do we need it?
Introduction Slides
Benefits - Do You Always Need to Know The Cost - Nicholas Brusby, Rolls-Royce
Does Advanced Data Analytics Trigger The End of The Cost Engineer - Martin Paver, Projecting Success Ltd
Dynamic Cost Risk and Uncertainty during the Early Life Cycle of Innovative High Value Manufacturing Products - Oliver Schwabe, Rolls-Royce
How the SSRO is Using Cost Data to Inform Single Source Procurement - Matthew Rees, Single Source Regulations Office
Predictive Analytics Applied to Smart Cities - Arlene Minkiewicz, PRICE Systems
Where Has All Operating & Support Data Gone - Stephen Curram, Decision Analysis Services Ltd
While The Software World Is Moving to Agile, Do We Still Need Costs Estimates - Eric van der Vliet, CGI Corporate Services
April 2019 Workshop - The SCAF 2019 Cost Estimating Challenge
Introduction Slides
SCAF Feedback Presentation
Team Atkins
Team AWE
Team BAE Systems
Team Marshall
Team Wood PLC
February 2019 Workshop - Mind the Gap: The Cost of Replacing Capabilities
Introduction Slides
Correlation in Cost Estimating - Richard Jenkins and Matthew Martin, DE&S
Cost Implications for the Maritime Capability Gap - Brian Tanner
Developing a Major Programmes Portfolio Capability - Rory Cleland, Jacobs
How To Estimate Manage and Track Performance on Modern Federal Software Development Programs - Bob Hunt, Galorath
Obsolescence Management - Philip Wardle, IIOM
One Size Fits All - Andy Nolan, Rolls-Royce
Workforce Planning - Stuart Nicholas, Atkins
November 2018 Workshop - Modelling Risk and Uncertainty
Introduction Slides
7 steps to win the costing game - Dr Stephan Martens and Robert Schirmeyer, FACTON
Automotive material uncertainty and business risk at the concept phase using existing metadata - Bob Mills, Univeristy of Bath
Beyond 5 by 5 - Enhancing Risk Registers Through Quantification - Doug Oldfield, Palisade
Estimating the certainty of uncertainty - C130 Maintenance - Henry Bowden and Patrick Walsh, Marshall Aerospace & Defence
Fast forward to the future - the shape of risk to come - Val Jonas, Risk Decisions Group
It works most of the time - Alex Grenyer, Cranfield University
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Andy and Judy Nolan, Rolls Royce
September 2018 Annual Conference - Cost Benefit Analysis: What is the Benefit?
Introduction Slides
Allowable Costs and Value for Money - David Galpin, SSRO
Before CBA - Finding the Capability Gap - Dale Shermon, QinetiQ
Economic Value Chains - Callum Woodhall and Colin Sandall, QinetiQ
Reconciling The Carrot and The Stick - People Engagement and Benefits Tracking in Complex Projects - Dr Ruth Murray-Webster, Potentiality UK
The Importance of Conventions - A Critical Evaluation of Current Practice in Social Cost Benefit Analysis - Dr Peter Hill, Royal Holloway University
Valued Relationships - Cost Analysis and Forecasting from a Commercial Perspective - Alec Sandy, QinetiQ
June 2018 Workshop - Are We Making the Best Use of Cost and Schedule Estimating?
Introduction Slides
Cost and Schedule Integrated Maturity Assessment - Alan Jones, Estimata Ltd
Fake News or Inconvenient Truth - Frank Berry and Steven Hornby, BAE Systems
The 12 Levels of Procrastination - Andy Nolan, Rolls-Royce
Using Cost Estimates to Support SMR Design for Cost Certainty - Amritpal Agar, Loughborough University
April 2018 Workshop - The SCAF 2018 Cost Estimating Challenge
Aims and Objectives
Team Atkins
Team AWE
Team Babcock
Team BAE Systems
Team QinetiQ
Team Wood PLC
February 2018 Workshop - Back to the Future –A Reappraisal of Cost Forecasting Techniques
Introduction Slides
A Novel Emergent System Dynamics Approach to Through Life Cost Estimation - Peter Tart and Colin Sandall, QinetiQ
All at Sea - Brian Tanner, TANFORD Consulting Limited
Big Data - Before you can Analyse, you have to Standardise - Tim Brogan and Martina Sabova, Jaguar Land Rover
Caveat Praebitor (Supplier Beware) - Alan Jones, Estimata Limited
Cost Benefit Visualization in an Operational Air Traffic Control Environment - Paul Marston and David Baggley, MCR Global
Optimising the cost of a portfolio of projects within a P3M investment environment - Quinton van Eeden, Palisade
November 2017 - SCAF Vendor Day
SCAF Vendor Day Brochure - 2017
A Programme Due Diligence Case Study - Wireless Power - Dale Shermon, QinetiQ
ACostE Membership, The Benefits - John Ward and Christine McLean, ACostE
Introduction to Palisade Software and Services - Doug Oldfield, Palisade
MCR Global (UK) Overview - Paul Marston, David Baggley and Candace Mahala, MCR Global
Risk Analysis for Real - Roger Garrini and Trevor Jay, Risk Decisions
Mission Systems Software Cost Forecasting in an Airborne Environment - Andy Mills, Arke and Spencer Woodford, Burchelli Consulting
Should Cost Solutions with Seer - Manufacturing and IT Case Studies - Steve Robinson, Galorath
Using Cost Engineering to Deliver Sustainable Improvements - Paul Adams, Richard Gane and Alan March, Vendigital
September 2017 Annual Conference - Achieving Value for Money: Is Partnering the Solution?
Introduction Slides
Achieving value for money is partnering the solution - Trevor Taylor, RUSI
Enhancing Collaboration for Performance - Nicky Painter, ICW
Ensuring good value for money - Ian McPherson, SSRO
Intro to ISO 44001 Awareness Workshop - Nicky Painter, ICW
Niteworks - A Novel Approach to Partnering before Competition - Rick Bounsall, Niteworks
June 2017 Workshop - Recruitment, Retention and Professional Development
Introduction Slides
ACostE Accreditation - Alan Jones, ACostE
Am I a Manager of Muppets or a Muppet of a Manager - Andy Nolan, Rolls-Royce
Blazing the Project Controls' Trail - Jon Bibby and Catherine Lambert, ECITB
Cost Engineers - Undergraduate to Industrial PhDs - Linda Newnes, University of Bath
ECIPC1 - Alan Jones, ACostE
National Level Strategic Workforce Modelling - Sion Cave, DAS Ltd
Project Controls - Tim Sheldon, Defence Equipment and Support
Recruitment - Mark Bull, RT Consulting
TASC - Alan Jones, ACostE
The Changing Faces of Cost Estimating - Mick Porter and Emma Lister, BAE Systems
April 2017 Workshop - The SCAF 2017 Cost Estimating Challenge
Introduction Slides
Aims and Objectives
Team Atkins
Team Babcock
Team BAE Systems
Team Cranfield University
February 2017 Workshop - The Impact of Brexit on the Costing Community
BREXIT - But what does it mean to a SCAF member - Bob Mills
Defence and Security Implications of Brexit - Hans Pung and James Black, RAND
Forecasting challenges in a time of disruption - Richard Westgarth, QinetiQ
How Many Estimators Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb - Andy Nolan, Rolls Royce
Strategic Cost Analysis in an Uncertain Future - Stuart Taylor and Andy Nye, Dstl
The Impact of Brexit - Value for Money - John Ogilvie, Defence Economics
November 2016 Workshop - Integrated Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
An innovative framework to optimise cost and availability estimates for support contracts bids - Duarte Rodrigues, Cranfield University
Combined CSRA Improving your chances - Richard Cousins, QinetiQ
Rebuilding Christchurch - Darda McDonagh, riskHive
Response strategies to cost escalation of defence equipment - Lucia Retter, RAND Europe
Risk Analysis for Acquisition Programs - Andrew Banks and Andrew Bundock, CAAS DEandS
Risk Analysis in Single Source Defence Acquisition Programmes - Ian McPherson, SSRO
What are the chances of that Quantification with Monte Carlo simulation - Doug Oldfield, Palisade
October 2016 ICEAA International Training Symposium - Published Papers (external content - you will be leaving the SCAF website)
June 2016 Workshop - Support Solutions
Advantages of an Activity Based Approach - Frank Murphy, TFD Group
Estimating Fiction - Gareth Johnson, BAE Systems
Playing the Arising Rate Lottery - Alan Jones, Estimata Ltd
Pooling Business Case Analysis - John Gallagher, Systecon Ltd
April 2016 Workshop - The SCAF 2016 Cost Estimating Challenge
Introduction Slides
Aims and Objectives
Team ACostE F+G
Team Atkins
Team BAE Systems
Team QinetiQ
Team Rolls-Royce
February 2016 Workshop - Project Cost Control
Introduction Slides
Cost Assurance and Analysis Service - Mark Wright, CAAS
Cost modelling A comparison of Project & Programme approaches - Neil Abbott and Louise Carver, Atkins
Implementing New Earned Value Extensions for Accurate Cost and Schedule Forecasting - Rory Cleland, riskHive
Optimism Bias - Sandeep Bassi, QinetiQ
Organisations do not operate in isolation - Sam Lilley, Edif ERA
Outing the Outliers - Alan Jones, Estimata Limited
Problems of Human Factors in Project Decisions - Stuart Wicks, Rolls Royce
November 2015 Workshop - Investment Appraisal: What’s in it?
Introduction Slides
Appraisal and Evaluation - John Ogilvie, MOD
Costing Future Complex & Novel Projects - Michael Pryce, Cranfield University
Investment Appraisals in a P3 Context - Nadeem Imtiaz, QinetiQ
Practical Experience of Investment Appraisals - Paul Wood, BMT HiQSigma
The Evolution Of The Next Generation Of Cost Management Tools In Jaguar Land Rover - Tim Brogan, Jaguar Land Rover
VAT in MOD - What You Need to Know - MOD VAT Liasion Officer
September 2015 Annual Conference - Living with Austerity, Enabling Growth
Introduction Slides
Costing for Availability - Linda Newnes, University of Bath
Defence Acquisition Cost Growth Paper - David Bangert and Neil Davies
Managing Defence Acquisition Cost Growth - David Bangert and Neil Davies, Polaris Consulting & Davies Economic Consultancy Ltd
Optimism in Defence Estimating - A Class Reference Guide, Howard Startin, CAAS
Paul Marston and Brian Glauser, The Current State of Cost Estimating in the US Federal Govt and Future Trends - ICEAA
Strategic Challenges Against A Backdrop Of Global Uncertainty - Michael Christie, BAE Systems
The Technology Race - how can Defence keep up - Ron Finlayson, QinetiQ
June 2015 Workshop - Data Maturity and its Applications
Introduction Slides
Measuring Maturity - Ed Smith and Nigel Byrne, BAE Systems
Readiness Steadiness Go - Andy Nolan and Olimpia Vlad, Rolls-Royce
Risk Estimating - Terry Johns, riskHive
Software Obsolescence Online Survey Results - Sanathanan Rajagopal, CAAS DE&S
April 2015 Workshop - The SCAF 2015 Cost Estimating Challenge
Introduction Slides
Aims and Objectives
Team Atkins
Team BAE Systems
Team BMT
Team FFI
Team QinetiQ
Team Thales
February 2015 Workshop - Cost Analysis and the Strategic Defence and Security Review
Introduction Slides
Economics, Cash Profiling and Financial Balance, are we expecting too much for Defence in 2015 - Arthur Griffiths
Force Structure modelling approaches - Andy Nicholls, Price Systems
Parametric Thinking - Bob Mills, Jaguar Land Rover
Quantifying the Costable and Non Costable Impact of Programme Change - Charlotte Watson, Arke
November 2014 Workshop - Affordability, Value for Money and Decision Making
Introduction Slides
Communicating Complex Cost Estimates to Policy Makers in MODs Across Europe - Lucia Retter and Dan Jenkins, RAND Europe
Evidence Based Decisions and the Holy Grail - Dr Syd Morley, MOD
Factoring in the costs that are least controllable - Andy Nicholls, Price Systems
MI Toolset to Support Evidence Based Decisions for defence Evaluation Capabilities - Steve Rowley, QinetiQ
Requirements Uncertainty - Andy Nolan, Rolls-Royce
Strategic Thinking and the Need for Decision Making Tools Without the Stovepipes - Dave Exelby, DAS2
The Use of Cost Data in Support of Whole Force Analysis - Arjun Madahar, Dstl
September 2014 Annual Conference - Benefits of Cost Engineering and Realistic Cost Forecasting
Introduction Slides
Benefits of Cost Engineering and Realistic Cost Forecasting - Brian Sugden, CAAS
Software Estimation - Is the Problem Solved? - Sanathanan Rajagopal, CAAS
The Affordability Burden of Poor Value Specification - Stuart Wicks, Rolls-Royce
Using a Risk Maturity Model to Audit and Benchmark Project Health - Mark Lee, QinetiQ
June 2014 Workshop - Value Engineering and Value Analysis in the context of Austerity
Introduction Slides
Estimating Uncertainty using 3-pts estimation - Steve Webb, SW Estimation
Helping the nation spend wisely - Matt Hemsley and Helen Holden, NAO
Living with Austerity - Tony Murphy, QinetiQ
Value Engineering, is that all we need - Frank Murphy, BAE Systems
Value Management - Massimo Pica, PMO4NoProfit
Why politicians, optimists & gamblers hate me! - Andy Nolan, Rolls-Royce
April 2014 Workshop - The SCAF 2014 Cost Estimating Challenge
Introduction Slides
2014 SCAF Challenge - Aims and Objectives
Team BAE Systems MAI
Team BMT
Team FFI
Team Polaris Consulting
Team Dstl
Team QinetiQ
February 2014 Workshop - Affordability, Value for Money and Decision Making
Introduction Slides
7+-2 uses for an estimation tool - Andy Nolan, Rolls-Royce
Affordability Analysis - Dan Galorath, Galorath Inc
Collaborating for Success - Nicky Painter and Robert Shields, ICW
Reviewing the Affordability of the Canadian Joint Supply Ship (JSS) Programme - Craig Clark and Sandra Lewis, DAS Ltd
The Value of Capability - Ian Corder
Utility Based Methods for Acquisition Decisions - John Moore, QinetiQ
What Price an Ice Patrol Ship - Brian Tanner

November 2013 - SCAF Vendor Day
SCAF Vendor Day Brochure
Accreditation and development in Project Controls - Richard Plumb, TASC
An Introduction to DAS Ltd - Arthur Griffiths, DAS
Cost Modelling for Cloud Computing utilisation in Long-Term Digital Preservation - Dr. Essam- Zaira, Cranfield
Delivering quantified benefits through risk management - Emma Price, riskHive
Enterprise Project Estimation with SEER - Brian Glauser, Galorath Inc
MOSAIC - Andrew Mills, Arke
Spares Investment Cost Modelling in the Real World - John Sharp, TFD Europe
True Planning at Rolls-Royce Nuclear - Stuart Wicks, Rolls-Royce
UK Energy & Critical Materials Cost & Vulnerability - David Bangert, Polaris Consulting
Space Liner: Cost modeled with 4cost - Heiko Großmann

September 2013 Annual Conference - Cost Matters
Introduction Slides and AGM Slides
Assessing the Affordability of Force Structures - Stuart Taylor,Dstl
Cost of Software Obsolescence - Sanathanan Rajapogal, CAAS
Cost Really Does Matter - Chris Boardman, BAE Systems
Cost-Benefit Analysis of Indicative high level Concept Designs - Dave Exelby, DAS and Andrew Jones BMT
Portfolio Management - A Parametric Approach - Andy Nicholls, PRICE Systems
Project Controls Professional - We need the facts maam, just the facts - Alex Davis, APM
The impact of costing across government - Joe Perkins, NAO

June 2013 Workshop - Quantitative Cost and Risk Analysis
Introduction Slides
An Alternative Approach to Cost and Schedule Integration - Alan Jones and Frank Berry, BAE Systems
Cost Modelling Integrated Cost and Schedule -Paul Wood, BMT Hi-Q Sigma
Improving Realism Combining Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis -Martin Seasman, CAAS
Integrating cost and schedule modelling - Ian Naden and Katherine Gough, Atkins
Lessons learned on risk and uncertainty in life cycle cost analysis - Massimo Pica
Quantitative Analysis what is in a number - Mike Holmes, QinetiQ

April 2013 Workshop - The SCAF 2013 Cost Estimating Challenge
Introduction Slides
2013 SCAF Challenge - Aims and Objectives
Team BAE Systems North West
Team BMT
Team Atkins
Team QinetiQ

February 2013 Workshop - Economics and Forecasting
Introduction Slides
A macro-economic approach to understand the affordability of a nations defence budget - Dr David Exelby, DAS and Martin Turner, Manchester Economic Forecasting
Behavioural Estimating - Dr Mark Gilmour, QinetiQ
Estimating Future Energy Prices, Geopolitics, Economics and Vulnerability – David Bangert, Polaris Consulting & Neil Davies and John Walls, Defence Economics
Estimating the costs of Integrating Complex Weapons onto Air Platforms - Don Brown, Cost Assurance and Analysis Service, Defence Equipment & Support
Reviewing Governments Use of Forecasting - Joe Perkins, National Audit Office
SCAF Cost Engineering Health Check Presentation - Dale Shermon and Dr Mark Gilmour, QinetiQ
SCAF Cost Engineering Health Check Survey Paper - Dale Shermon and Dr Mark Gilmour, QinetiQ
Strategic Trends in Defence Inflation – Arthur Griffiths, DAS and Past Chairman, SCAF

November 2012 Workshop - Learning from Experience
Introduction Slides
Getting Affordable Solutions (How much to spend and when to spend it) - Craig Clark, DAS Ltd
Myths of Procurement - Arthur Griffiths
Points for Consideration when Results from Simulation Models are Analysed - Dave Kirby Persides
Technology Maturity Cost Benefit Forecasting - Mark Jones Cranfield University

September 2012 Annual Conference - Forecasting for Success
Introduction Slides
CAAS Capacity and Development Programme - Dr Tim Sheldon, CAAS
Collaborating for Success - Robert Shields and Nicky Painter, Institute for Collaborative Working
Cost Forecasting Where Do We Get It Wrong (and Why) - Dr Matt Bassford, RAND
Forecasting NRE Cost, Why So Difficult - Phil Wardle
Forecasting the Future and Reflecting on the Past - Mick Porter, BAE Systems
Value Trade-offs - Dr Stuart Wicks, Rolls-Royce Submarines

June 2012 Workshop - Estimating for Partnering and Service Provision
Introduction Slides
Evaluating Performance Based Contracts Within a Partnered Environment - Mike Peters, BAE Systems
Levering the Balanced Scorecard - Stuart Wicks, Rolls-Royce Submarines
MOSAIC Cost of Open Systems Architectures - Chris Warfield and Andy Mills, Arke and Simon Brown, SEA
Predict and Improve Support Costs and KPI for Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle- Richard Dobie, BAE Systems and Dave Kirby, Persides
Uncertainty Modelling in Competitive Bidding and Service Contracts - Melanie Kreye, University of Bath

April 2012 Workshop - Cost Model Development: The 2012 SCAF Challenge
Introduction Slides
Application of Parametric Analysis - Team QinetiQ
Atkins Automotive Company - Team Atkins
SCAF 2012 Cost Estimating Challenge - Team BMT
SCAF Challenge Parametric Analysis - Team Thales

February 2012 Workshop - Through Life Costing
Introduction Slides
Addressing the Challenges in In-Service Costing - Andy Nicholls, PRICE Systems
Cost and Schedule Growth Through Life - Tom Tiner, CAAS
Costing for Avionic Through Life Availability - Dr Linda Newnes, University of Bath
Implementing Benefits Management - Tony Hargraves, AWE
Implementing Performance Based Contracting in Through Life Projects - John Scire and Dale Shermon, QinetiQ
Inflation Cost Forecasting- estimating lifetime carbon emissions - James Fiske, Franklin Andrews
Know Predict Control - a case study in Services Management - Jon Rees, Rolls-Royce plc

September 2011 Annual Conference - Transforming and Improving Cost and Time Estimating for the Next Decade
Introduction Slides
A Manufacturing Technology Maturity Impact Assessment Framework: An application within the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry  - Mark Jones, Airbus and Cranfield University
CAAS Capacity and Capability Development Programme - Mark Wright, Ministry of Defence
Cost, Value and Affordability. Optimism or objectivity - Bob Barton, Niteworks
Using Enterprise Modelling to better manage the UK submarine programme - Hans Pung and Sarah Jilbert, RAND
How can parametrics improve-the missing element- Paolo Ponzio, European Space Agency
More Successful Projects on Schedule and on Cost: Lessons Learned from three decades and best practices for the next decade - Dan Galorath, Galorath Incorporated
The challenge for Investment Appraisal in the MoD - Neil Davies and John Ogilvie, Ministry of Defence
The Politicisation of Cost Forecasting - Professor Trevor Taylor, Royal United Services Institute

June 2011 Workshop - Estimating for Collaboration and Partnerships
Introduction Slides
Estimating for Collaboration - Tony Vart, BAE SYSTEMS
Estimating for Collaboration and Partnerships - Bob Mills, Jaguar Land Rover
Estimating the Benefits of Managing Collaborative Armament Programmes - Eric Huybrechts, OCCAR-EA
Size isn't everything - Andy Nolan and Satpaul Sall, Rolls-Royce
Update on NATO's Research Study on Collaborative Influences - NATO SAS-90 Workshop, Max Murray-Brooks, DSTL

April 2011 Workshop - Estimating the cost of Operating and Support in a Changing Commercial World
Introduction Slides
F35 Joint Strike Fighter - Ownership at what Cost! - Eric Phillips, Decision Analysis Services Ltd
Operating and Support Cost Analysis Modelling - Dale Shermon, QinetiQ
Partnership in Practice - Dr Howard Lightfoot, Cranfield University
Sustainable Procurement in an Austere Time and Sustainable Procurement, a practical approach - Mark Hedges, BMT ISIS
The Challenges of Software In-Service Estimating - Julian Gibbs, BMT Reliability Consultants Ltd

February 2011 Workshop - The Use of Parametrics for Cost and Schedule Estimating-are we making best use of it?
Introduction Slides
A Cost Analysis of Reusable and Disposable Deep Target Attack Weapon Delivery Systems - S Smith (MBDA), M Gilmour & D Shermon (QinetiQ)
Applicability of Parametric Techniques - Georges Teologlou, PRICE Systems
Chasing Affordability with Parametrics – A perspective from United States - Jason Dechoretz, MCR LLC
Introducing BS 11000 - Nicky Painter, PSL
Maximising Parametric model utilisation by developing excellent cost estimating relationships - Dr Spencer Woodford, Burchelli Consulting
More Successful Projects Through Parametric Estimation of Total Ownership Costs & Project Schedules - David Simms, Galorath International
Parametric Estimating - Have we got the prerequistes in place - Phil Wardle, BAE Systems
Using Uncertainty and Risk with Parametric Tools - Andrew Langridge, PRICE Systems

Older material can be found in the library archive