Archived Seminar Presentations and Papers
2010 Workshop - Practical Examples of Concept Cost Estimating

Introduction Slides

SCAF Workshop - Aims & Objectives - Dale Shermon
Agile Development and UAV Costs - A Personal View - Paul Baguley, Cranfield University
Comparison of Concept Estimating Processes - Dr Paul Wood & David Dring, BMT
Land Vehicle Trade off Study - The Application of Agile Technology - Eric Phillips, DAS
SCAF Case Study Training Workshop
The Team Qinetiq response to the SCAF Challenge - Mark Burdett, QinetiQ
UAV Case Study Trade off Analysis - Steve Robinson, Galorath
Uninhabited Air Vehilce Costing Considerations - Andy Nicholls, PRICE Systems

September 2010 Annual Conference - Cost Analysis & SDSR
Introduction Slides
DASA's Input to the SDSR - John Ogilvie
Future Submarine Through-life Support Cost Modelling in the Concept Phase - Nira Chamberlain
Development of Parametric Estimating Capability within BAE Systems Global Combat Systems
Using Investment Appraisal to inform Strategic Decisions? - Geoff Jones

June 2010 Workshop - Design to Cost
An Entrepreneurial Approach to Design for Cost - Dr Stuart Wicks
Design for Cost - Dr Stuart Wicks
Design to Cost Tools for European Space Missions - Paolo Ponzio
Estimate More with Less - Cost IQ - Steve Robinson
Interactive DTC Debate – Andrew Langridge, Linda Newnes, Phil Wardle, Steve Wiseall
Interactive DTC Debate with Audience Responses

April 2010 Workshop - Defence Indecision - Cost & Schedule Implications
Introduction Slides
Application of Uncertainty within cost and schedule estimates - Andrew Langridge
Building Relationships Between Organisations - David Hawkins
Choosing the Options - Mystery or Method - George Pickburn
Defence Industrial Strategy - The Pros & Cons of TOBA - Paul Moriarty
Estimating the Cost of Obsolesence - Fran Romero
Historical Trend Analysis (HTA) Analysed - Dale Shermon
System Obsolesence - Minimising the Cost Impact - Nigel Wallis

February 2010 Workshop - Investment Appraisal "Is it best used?"
Introduction Slides
Workshop on Investment Appraisal - Current Policy & Practice within MOD - Neil V Davies, John Ogilvie & Prabhat Vaze
Getting Return on Investment from Risk Management - Val Jonaz
Investment Appraisals - Estimating Uncertainty & Exchange Rates - Paul Duvall & Dr Mark Gilmour
Exploitation of OA Techniques to Support IA & Decision Making - Colin Drysdale

November 2009 Workshop - Affordable Defence
Introduction Slides
Logistics Transformation, Availability Contracting and Cost Savings - Spencer Woodford
Estimating the potential cost benefits of state-of-the-art software engineering methods & tools for onboard, EGSE & simulators - Dale Shermon & Fabian Elingsfeld
Combat control communication - Phil Sturgess
Exploiting Simulation Methods to Evaluate Whole-Life Cost Risks - Colin Smith
Information Display for Costing Decisions under Uncertainty - Melanie Kreye
An Affordable Future Surface Combatant - Paul Jones
Challenges for Contracting for Availability - Jason Hopewell

September 2009 Annual Conference
SCAF 2009 Conference - Introduction Slides and AGM
DASA-DESA's Role in Improving VfM Outcomes in Defence - Neil Davies
Defence Choice Architectures - Dr Antony Powell
How Do We Get More Value From The Defence Programme? - Ron Finlayson
Measuring Research Value for Money - David Bangert
NATO Cost Analysis Initiatives - Arthur Griffiths
Revenue Strategies and Value Co-Creation - Prof Irene Ng
Value for Money or Affordability - Bob Barton
Cost Engineering and it's Influence in the Decision Process - Prof Raj Roy

March 2009 - Winter Workshop - Cost Estimating for Defence Programmes
Introduction Slides
Causal Mapping and Benefits Analysis
Cost Estimating as a Profession
DE&S Estimating Assurance
DE&S Policy for IA and TLF
ISPA Session 4 (CERs) Chapter 3 PEH 2008

November 2008 Seminar - Where has all the cost data gone – do we need it ?
Introduction Slides
Remember me before I forget!
Encouraging appropriate interaction: online approaches to sharing info and knowledge
The use and application of historical data to support cost forecasting of future MoD programmes
Software Data Collection - Defence Form 143
The ‘Devil in the Detail’

April 2008 - AGM and Software Seminar
Agenda and AGM Info
Software Keynote Address
Atkins COTS and SOUP
BAe SW Estimating
SSEI York Metrics
Dalton Key Drivers
SCAF Way Ahead

September 2007 - 24th Annual Conference
Conference Intro Slides
Keynote Address - Arthur Griffiths
DE & S Financial Assurance - Nick Kimber
Agility,Assurance & Capability - Bob Barton
Role of OR - Dr Sion Cave
Assuring Defence Programme Costs - Heather Groom
Defence Investment Decisions - Nick Barnett
A view on Assurance - Dave Baggley
Cost Growth in Warships - Brian Tanner

June 2007 - Conference
Achieving Environmental Assurance - Jo Wills
Residual Assets Risk and Opportunities - Colin McPhee

April 2007 - Conference
Equipment Capability Planning - Balancing the Plan - Brigadier Roddy Porter MBE
Sustained Armoured Vehicle Coherence (SAVC)
Through Life Finance - Mark Rutterford
Technology Insertion - Arthur Griffiths

February 2007 - Costing in Concept and Assessment Phase

Is Monte Carlo Simulation a Religion? - Keith Alker

Costing in the Context of Assessment - David Hammond
Improving Behaviours in Defence Acquisition - Jim Moffat
Single-Point Estimates what’s the point? - Paul Duvall
Using True COSYSMO and other methods - Graham Jones PRICE Systems (File oversize - Contact Author)

February 2005 - Cost Forecasting for the Uninitiated
WLC Principles, Problems and Solutions - Professor David Kirkpatrick
Cost Estimating Basics Pt 1 - Arthur Griffiths
Cost Estimating Basics Pt 2 - Arthur Griffiths
Costing Exercise and Demonstration - Ken Young

November 2004 - Software Seminar
Assessing Software Intensive Programmes - Heather Benwood
Software Cost Estimation - Dr Dave Thombs

September 2004 - Annual Conference
Keynote Address - Mr Nick Bennett
The Costs that Count - Professor David Kirkpatrick
Some thoughts on a possible solution - Dale Shermon
The Costs of Integration - Dilip Palmer
The Spinnaker Tower - Arthur Griffiths
Helicopter Fleet Availability - Gerry Dodd

September 2003 - Annual Conference
SMART Acquisition is it value for money? - Bob Barton
Measuring the Benefits of Smart Acquisition - Professor David Kirkpatrick
Procurement and Build of Modern Cruise Liners - Kevin Douglas
Auditing Smart Acquisition - Tim Banfield

February 2003 - Whole Life Costs
Cost Process Review
Risk and Uncertainty
Cost Forecasting

November 2002 - Cost Forecasting for IPT's
Whole Life Costs
Cost of Ownership

June 2002 - Software Developments
Estimating Constrained Systems
Software Support Cost model
CAIG Overview

SCAF Review by David Daniel
SCAF Review

October 2001
Cover and programme
SEER-SEMs export feature for Microsoft Project
Cost Modelling and Analysis in Synthetic Environments
Software of Unknown Pedigree (SOUP)
Cost Estimating Initiatives - a view from the ACostE
The Little Green Book - a review of the new Treasury guidelines
Learning from Experience - an update on the current initiatives and requirements of the DLO

October 2000
Cover and programme
Whole Life Costing - the benefits to the oil industry
Keynote Address
The MoD Scrutiny Process and its Challenges
The Challenges facing Cost Forecasting in the Future
Whole Life Costing and its use on the A400 Programme
Wg Cdr B Hubble - using whole life costs

September 1999
Cover and programme
Babcock international
Cost forecasting and the integrated project team
Research prioritisation
Synthetic enviroment based acquisition
The challenges facing cost forecasting in the future
Technology management in BAe MA&A - A business perspective
Year 2000 - Letting the cat out of the bag
Smart procurement an acquisition revolution
Synthetic enviroment A visualisation tool
The future of cost forecasting

September 1997
Cover and programme
The application of system dynamics as a methodology to model O&S costs
Cost benefit implication of alternate procurement strategies for defence industrial re
Life cycle costing
The long term economic prospects and implication for defence
Some approaches to futures and forecasting
The strategic business risk messages of cost forecasting in practice
Private provision of public assests - An operators view

September 1996
Cover and programme
Collaboration cost and benefits: an EH101 case study
The cost of international collaboration on major projects
Cost models the consumer view point
European military aircraft collaboration
Internation collaboration on capital projects - The commercial approach
European armament agencies an MoD perspective
Factors which can frustrate full realisation of the cost benefit of collaboration
Multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS)
Where is it going
Minimisation of combat aircraft life cycle costs through conceptual design op

September 1995
Cover and programme
Counting the cost of software risks
Target costing design for value
Costs for operational analysis studies
Coeia risk integration
New challenges for cost-estimators
Financial uncertainty and risk tolerance in capital projects

September 1994
Cover and programme
A dynamic approach to market transition
Cost and quality benefits of strategic supplier collaboration
NAPNOC Presentation
The rise and fall of fixed-pricing contracting
A new approach to parametric cost forecasting

September 1993
Cover and programme
Practical software cost estimating - Empirical validations of Ada software project costs
Back to the future an industry view
Software cost estimating - The customers viewpoint
Back to the future a consultants view
Performance based cost estimating
Practical software software cost estimation - A new approach
The cost of total quality management

September 1992
Cover and programme
An outsiders view
INTEGRIT An integrated approach to life costing and safety assessment using a spreadsheet
Data and definition working group report
Internationalisation and the global company
1992 The turning point - The consequnces for Great Britain
Economic consequences of 1992
Application of life cycle costing
Procurement policy decisions

September 1991
Cover and programme
The application of cost benefit analysis to trunk road investment in England
The Airforce departments approach to integrated logistics support
The use of cost benefit analysis in the justification of rail schemes
Logistic support consultants - A balance view of integrated logistic support
Comparing radically different options in defence procurement - A review of some problems
Cost for high-level policy studies
Integrated logistics support - A pragmatic approach
Economic appraisal in the central government - The revised green book

September 1990
Cover and programme
Development programme value analysis - The German approach
Costing of variants - The Problems
Estimating variants for a future medium range surface to air missle (MSAM)
The cost of achieving reliability in satellite technology
DCF-Friend or foe
Areo engine reliability visible and invisible benefits
A review of radical approaches to organising and running a society
Fleet car cost control
Supporting design or designing suport

September 1989
Cover and programme
The evolution of life cycle cost modelling in Europe
Software cost estimating
Estimating and costing in advanced system engineering enviroments
Cost effectiveness analysis in health care - The gap between theory and practice
Project management support PEGASUS out of PIMS
Priority control in software maintenance
International procurement
Expert systems for programme planning and management
Quality in schools

September 1988
Cover and programme
Computerised learning curves fit for mature businesses
First report of the SCAF working party on software cost estimating
The effects of privatisation on cost data
Assessment of risk in an aircraft development programme
Problems of risk in cost estimation a pragmatic view
Some cost estimatin problems associated with international collaboration An idiosyn
Great costing disasters some leasons learnt
A review of ISPA 1988 annual conference & SSCAG European meeting

September 1987
Cover and programme
A knowledge based cost modelling support enviroment
Costing in industry and the Ministry of Defence
A software costing experience
Bridging the credibility gap in cost forecasting
Forecasting producer price inflation
Logica's evaluation of COCOMO
Stabilised exchange rates
The MOD design for through life cost (DTLC) project has its existence been cost-effective
Project risk analysis in bp

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